Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Root Beer Reindeer

Here is the gift that the kids helped me make for their teachers as a Christmas present. These are root beer bottles and coke bottles turned into adorable little reindeers. The kids helped me put on the chenille stick (aka pipe cleaner) antlers. Plus they helped me put their collars and nametags on. We decided to make Rudolph special and gave him a bell on his collar. I covered the cardboard pack that the root beer comes in with paper and then printed out a pretty picture for the front and said Merry Christmas on it.

We hot glued on googly eyes and a red pompom for Rudolph and black or brown pompoms for the other 5 reindeer.
Here is a side shot of the reindeer pack. You can see here how there are root beer bottles in front and then we wanted the reindeer in the back to be seen so we took glass bottles of Coke and put them in the back.

Here is a printable so you can print it out and attach it to the front of the root beer bottle box. (click on the image until it is large then save the image and print it out.)

Plus if you click here you can see how to make that cute little red glittery ornament. It's super simple. All you need is a glass ornament, an ink refill and glitter. Another fun little gift idea.

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