Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Glittery Ornaments

These were fun to make also. I took plain clear glass bulbs and cleaned them out with a water and vinegar solution. Then I put on some rubber gloves to protect my hands. I used a Real Red Ink Refill from Stampin' Up and sprayed the ink into the glass bulb. I swirled the bulb around until the ink covered every surface. It helped to put my gloved finger over the hole of the bulb and shake it.

Then I placed them upside down in an egg carton to drip out a bit. After most of the excess ink was gone, I took the Silver Glitter that SU sells and poured it into the bulb with a small funnel. Once again, cover the hole with a gloved finger and shake the glitter around the bulb. Finally, place the bulb hanger back in the bulb and voila it is done. Unless you want to add the rub ons.

I added word rub ons to most of my bulbs that are filled with the silver glitter.

These didn't turn out as cute. They are done the exact same way except I used Glittering Diamonds glitter which is a white glitter. They are cute, but I love the sparkle from the silver glitter. These ones I added the strip of flowers and one cute little flower to the bottom. Fun and cute.
I might go back and add some ribbon to the top of the bulb and then they might be fully done.

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Anonymous said...

Sonya I just love these ornaments and they looked so good on your tree. Next year I'm going to have to make another attempt at these. Hopefully they will turn out as beautifully as yours!


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