Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Polaroid Pictures

I found this website that converts any photo that you have into a Polaroid and gives it that old fashioned look including some of the developing imperfections. Click here to get the link to the website. There is a program available for both MAC and PC users.

POLADROID generates images the same way that a Polaroid™ would do (Polaroid™-like).
It produces high-definition images (400 dpi) with the real aspect of a Polaroid™ and perfectly suitable for printing.
Using Poladroid is straightforward: just drag and drop any JPEG directly on the icon of Poladroid and wait until the image appears... slowly... very slowly.
POLADROID is an unusual software, completely crazy, which reproduces all the strange behaviors of a popular picture camera with its unique result but... so much copied: the Polaroid!
POLADROID is an addictive software (you’ve been warned!) because it is so easy to use and unexpected:
- square frame
- colour shift
- vignetting
- premature aging
Eventually, you’ll be surprised to discover pictures that were thought to know.

Drag and drop the application in the ‘Applications’ folder.

1) Drag and drop one or more JPEG files on the icon of POLADROID.
2) Wait several minutes until the photo gets developed.
Hint: if you want to speed up the process, shake your image from right to left.
3) Once the image is ready, a bell rings and the image is marked up with a red cross.
4) The final file (in JPEG format) will be generated in the same folder than the original image or your ‘Images’ folder, depending on your settings in the pre- ferences. The resulting file name is the original file name with the suffix ‘-pola’ appended.

The resulting images reproduce all imperfections of a real POLAROID photo, such as:
- colour shifting and vignetting
- having to wait to get the result... can you believe this in a fast-running world?
- processing limitation of 10 images in a raw... yes, a Polaroid cardridge only contains 10 films! You’ll have to quit the application and relaunch iit to be able to process 10 more files.
Have fun!

When it is done a red X appears. You can right click on it and it will take you to the high resolution version that has been saved on to your computer! (these settings can be changed -read the manual to see how)

Since it is high resolution this means you can print it out or use it on a digital scrapbook page! How fun is that?

And one last funny Poladroid can only "develop" 10 photos before you have to close the program and reopen it - just like a roll of Polaroid film!

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