Monday, February 2, 2009

Vinyl on the wall

I love the new trend in home decor with vinyl. So versatile and so NOT permanent. If I want to change my decor... it is easy and simple. It will all just peel off. These are some vinyl that I put up in my living room. All of these vinyl stickers are made by Stampin' Up and they are fabulous! Great quality and very fun and trendy!


Anonymous said...

I love the "family corner". Super Cute!

CassieU said...

aren't blogs great.

your home looks so cute....and creative. we still have white walls in our apartment. it drives my husband crazy.

gusbish said...

WEll you do need to have the skills like my sister, and seeeing all that she can do when she has an hour of free time she can accomplish so much, and i am pleased to call her my sister.
Great job Sonya


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