Sunday, September 25, 2011

Zucchini Lettuce Wraps

Zucchini Mexicali... A dish that I started making a few years ago, after my mom found it and I think it is AMAZING! It uses so many veggies and of course it uses zucchini (it should since it has zucchini in the name), which is a crop that is very plentiful this time of year.

Click here for the recipe to make this easy and very healthy dish.

I've been making this dish quite a few times already this summer and while the kids typically eat it wrapped up in a tortilla like a taco/burrito, I prefer eating it wrapped up in lettuce leaves.
And sometimes I will add some shredded cheese on top. And that is all! These could be used as an appetizer too... I will eat a bunch of them for lunch and I love it! Plus you can make this dish without any meat so it is completely made of vegetables. YUM!


Gina said...

You are amazing. You have now posted about more dinners that I make in an entire year. Please remove my name from the authorship of this blog. I may start to hate you a little. (I shouldn't write the word "hate." It is a bad word.)

The Stark Bunch said...

Dinners have to happen in my house... that's why they're here. I think you are amazing beyond words and so I think you need to stay....(and yes don't be a hater! at least not of me!) ;)


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