Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Colored Glue Art Project

Here's a quick project that I put together after I saw a similar project here at CraftKnife. She used acrylic paint to tint her school glue, however I just chose to use the food coloring in my kitchen to tint the glue into paint.
I used red, blue, yellow and green and dropped about 10 drops of each food coloring into the bottle.

Then using a bamboo skewer stick, I helped stir the color in. The bottle of glue was entirely full and I think it would have helped if the bottle was not as full.

After stirring it, I had the kids shake the bottles. The glue was colored but it didn't fully look like it at first. We opened the bottle and started drawing. At first it came out white and then it changed colors and stayed that way.

After playing with the bottles for a while, the bottles mixed in completely.
Mission accomplished. 4 bottles of school glue at 25 cents each (gotta love back to school shopping). A couple of drops of food coloring... and happy kids.... PRICELESS!

Here are some of their pictures. They did a great job and had lots of fun doing it.

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