Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hair Bow Holder

Hair bows for girls... Where do they all come from? How do you collect so many? They seem to multiply and then you can't find the one that you want. At least this was my problem. They were getting cluttered up in the drawers in the bathroom.... I'd seen many different bow hanging ideas on other websites, and at a variety of stores. After much deliberation...I chose to make one large frame to hang on the kids bathroom wall.
I took a framed metal board (made by my brother) and we took out the glass and replaced it with plexiglass to make it lighter. The frame measures 41 inches by 21 inches. Inside measurements of the board are 35.5 inches by 15.5 inches. Then I used two different types of ribbons, one that is green with white polka dots and another one that is an orange ric rac. I have 16 strips of each ribbon and they are each about 18 inches long. For a total of about 8 yards. There are a total of 38 stripes of ribbon, which makes for a grand total of 16 yards of ribbon. Starting with the orange ric rac and then alternating the ribbons, I wrapped them vertically around the glass/plexiglass and the metal and secured them to the back with packing tape. Finally when all of the ribbons were taped into place, I put the ribbon wrapped metal & plexiglass into the frame and secured it.
Then you can start putting all of the clip flowers directly onto the ribbons that are on the board. It helps to hold all the flowers in an organized way and it keeps them from getting lost or crumpled up in a drawer.
My daughter wrapped some headbands around the ribbons as well and that seemed to work for some of the fabric ones.

Ta dah! Done. I put it up high so that the baby can't get into them, but my 9 year old daughter can reach them so she can use them as she desires.

I feel like we use our flowers more and a better variety of them since we can see them all at once.

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