Wednesday, August 10, 2011

S'more pops

These are a fun and easy way to eat a s'more without the fire... S'more Pops!
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What you need....

Large Marshmallows
Chocolate, melted
Golden Grahams Cereal, crushed
Sucker Sticks
Cookie sheet
Parchment Paper or waxed paper
Kitchen torch

Pick up a marshmallow and roll the bottom half of the marshmallow in the melted chocolate and the roll in the crushed cereal. Push a stick into the bottom of the chocolate covered side of the marshmallow and set down on the parchment covered cookie sheet. Allow the chocolate to harden. Using a kitchen torch (or flame on the stove) to toast the other side of the marshmallow!

Or you can just enjoy them like this... no torching needed.

Happy National S'more day!

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