Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chocolate Covered Fruit

Anything is better with chocolate! At least that's my philosophy. I like chocolate. A lot!

I had a bunch of leftover melted chocolate and fresh fruit in the fridge that needed to be eaten... so naturally I put the two together! Naturally! I made chocolate covered blueberries, grapes and kiwi.

For the blueberries... I lined a mini muffin pan with paper liners and then dropped 4-5 blueberries (that had been washed and thoroughly dried) into the liners.
Using a fork, load it up with melted chocolate, and just drizzle it over the top of the blueberries in no particular way. Leave the blueberries slightly exposed so you can see their pretty blue color. Add as much chocolate or as little chocolate as you would like.
You can use a fine drizzle from a fork and it will leave a design on the top of the chocolate. After you have covered them with the chocolate, let the chocolate set in a cool place or in the refrigerator. Best if served within a day of making them.

Chocolate covered grapes... Who knew right? For mother's day, my husband and kids got me some treats from a chocolate sweet shop. There were several sweet things that they brought me and among the treats included some chocolate covered grapes. I was a bit skeptical, but they are delicious. So I decided to make some myself.

Wash and dry your grapes. You want to make sure they are very dry because water and chocolate don't like each other very much! The water will cause the chocolate to seize up. Mmmmm... yummy red grapes!
Next, taking one grape at a time, drop it into the chocolate and using a fork, cover it will chocolate. Then pick up the grape on the fork and let the excess chocolate drip off. Then place the grape on a wax paper covered cookie sheet, until the chocolate is set.
Pick them up off of the wax paper and start popping them in your mouth. As the warm chocolate cools, it seems to shrink and condense on the grape so that when you bite into them, the grape bursts forth its juicy goodness. Sweet and crunchy and yummy! A great way to eat some dessert and fruit too!

Great as a gift too! Drop them into a bag, tie a ribbon on top and share with a friend.
Another fun treat. Trim the skin off of a kiwi... I cut them straight so that they were shaped octagonal, but you can make them circular if you want... or even in the shape of a star. After you have cut them about 1/2 inch to one inch thick, stick a popsicle stick inside them and push it up past the center of the kiwi so that it helps them to become more stable. (At this point you can proceed to the next step or you can freeze the fruit and dip in chocolate after.)
Then dip them in chocolate. A very important thing that I learned while making these... dab the kiwi on a paper towel first before you dip them in chocolate because they are very juicy. This helps to remove any liquid on the fruit, because as stated above, chocolate doesn't like water and as you can tell in the picture... the chocolate started to seize up and get clumpy on some of them.

Let the chocolate set up in the refrigerator and then take a bite. My kids enjoyed these... (I think kids enjoy anything on a stick!). Store in refrigerator and use within a day (unless you froze them and they will last longer).

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