Thursday, March 19, 2009

Plate of Cookies.....

Ready to make your own designer plates that you can change depending on the occasion?

I purchased these glass salad plates for $1 at Wal-mart.

A handy little tip....The easiest way to remove those pesky bar code labels is to use a product called DeSolvit. I put the item in the sink, spray the chemical on the label and in one or two applications it comes right off with no sticky residue left behined. It is FABULOUS!

Here is a piece of designer scrapbook paper in Brown and cream... you can use whatever that will suit the party or occasion.

The next secret to this fabulous plate is spray on adhesive. You spray the plate with the adhesive and then smooth the paper on to it... (or you can wrinkle the paper onto it if you want that different effect. Or you can do multiple pieces of paper for a mosaic look.)

Here is the plate with the paper on it. After the paper is on the plate you can rip it or cut off the excess paper.
Then I took some fortune cookies from Panda Express and I wanted to turn them into a more gourmet cookie. In California there is a restaurant called Panda Inn (a formal sit down version of Panda Express... very good) and they bring out fortune cookies dipped in white chocolate and wrapped in colorful foil. So good! So I melted some white chocolate, dipped half of the cookie in the chocolate and then.... Mmmmmm... Delish!

Here is the final product.... Cute plate and yummy cookies.

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