Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trick Or Treating Buckets

These are our Trick or Treat Buckets.

I made these a few years ago and they have been fantastic, so I wanted to share. Here's what I did:
  • I took some clean, brand new, empty gallon paint cans and decorated them. I used a white wrapping paper to cover the paint can first. The paint can is about 7 1/2 inches tall and it is pretty long (21 inches), so the wrapping paper enabled it to be only one piece of paper that wrapped around the can. If you want to piece paper then you could use any size or type of paper. 
  • I attached the paper to the can using Stampin' Up Sticky Strip cause it is super strong and holds everything together so very well. 
  • Before attaching the paper, I stamped some pumpkins to the bottom edge of the paper. You could use stickers or other images to embellish the can. 
  • I made some words that said TRICK or TREAT, backed them with some cardstock and then attached them to the can with the sticky strip. 
  • I used the sticky strip again to add a strip of 3/16" grosgrain ribbon at the top edge. 
  • The paint can handle was a little sharp on the kids little hands, so we added some large wooden beads that would fit over the handle. It really helps to make it easy to carry the bucket around, even when it is loaded full of candy. 
  • You can also decorate a coordinating paint lid (not pictured). 
***Now I have to let you in on the best part of these cans... after all the candy has been collected in these adorable paint cans... you can pound the lid on top and it makes it much harder for the little kiddos to sneak their candy away. You can leave their cute little buckets out for decoration and then pop them open when you're ready to enjoy a treat.

This year I had this blank plastic pumpkin that had paper eyes and mouth. It was the cheap kind you get at the store. We decided to spruce it up a bit. I took off all the paper decorations for the eyes and then we drew in the outline of eyes, nose and mouth with some black puffy paints. Then we added some sparkles to the eyes, some white sparkly teeth and a pink bow to the cute little pumpkin's face.

And of course when you are three... you always want your name on everything, so we added it to the back. I took off the plastic handle that the pumpkin came with and added some large grosgrain ribbon. Then it was ready for her to use to collect all her valuable candy loot.

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