Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fluffy Pink Cake

While I was making a Piglet cake for a birthday party, I had a leftover 8x8 chocolate cake and lots of pink frosting (Recipes for the chocolate cake and buttercream frosting found here). I wanted to make the cake into something cute and girly, but incredibly simple. What's better than big pink flowers?

I filled a large pastry bag with the light pink frosting and then added a huge flower tip (Tip #864)....

Starting on top first, I piped big huge stars all over the top of the cake. I almost left it like this... It's cute right?!

But I still had frosting left over and decided to just go for GOLD and cover the whole cake with yummy pink buttercream frosting.
All the girls that saw this cake, LOVED it! It turned out cute! Simple! and very EASY!

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