Monday, December 2, 2013

Candy Bowl

Check out this cute candy dish that I made years ago.
You need 6 things.
  1. A Terra Cotta Pot
  2. A Terra Cotta Lid
  3. A Glass Ivy Jar (dollar store or craft stores)
  4. Wooden Ball with a flat side
  5. Spray Paint
  6. E-6000 Glue
  7. Felt, Circle
You start with a terra cotta pot & lid.
First I spray painted them white. Let the paint dry.
Then used masking tape and put stripes on the pot and taped off the tapered edge of the lid. And painted them red, plus paint the wooden ball red as well.
Once everything has dried, use the E-6000 glue to attach the ball to the bottom of the lid and to attach the Ivy Glass Jar to the bottom of the pot.
Cut a circle of felt that will fit into the bottom of the ivy glass jar so that it covers up the glue and the bottom of the pot. You can glue this in, or just put it down there. Voila! Done! Fill with candy and set it on the counter or give as a gift.
This can be made in various sizes... If you have a larger glass jar that you want to use, take it to the store, find a terra cotta pot that will fit and a saucer that will work as a lid. Then proceed as normal. You can also vary the way you paint them. Endless possibilities.

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